Monday, 5 October 2015


Barnet Libraries: Battles over: it's war

I oppose in every way the disgraceful destruction of the Barnet Libraries and will continue to Tweet and Facebook my horror and express here again my support of the fantastic Library lobby in Barnet.

The Council's decision is a mindless act of vandalism. It is a death-blow both to a profession with a long history and a continued relevance to the community today, a place of service that has provided generations with free access to reading and learning, the space and refuge for study, local support and advice that will no longer be available.  It brings together those of all ages, backgrounds, races, faiths, abled and disabled. Libraries are a last vestige of community, human contact and help that we all need so much and that is being denied us.  I weep at their proposed disappearance and the derisory manner in which the Tories, who spend profligately on consultants, Capita overspend, etc, claim they are compelled to make these small savings in times of austerity at such a massive and irreplaceable cost to the people who couldn't have expressed their wishes more vociferously and have been ignored.  We cannot allow the fibre of our community, our libraries, our public services, to be destroyed for ever on their watch.

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