Friday, 14 November 2014

Capita 999: We aim to fail: Capita claims 92% of Barnet targets met

Read by Anna Earnshaw, Commercial Director of Capita


Capita 999: We aim to fail: Capita claims 92% of Barnet targets met

Barnet's Performance and Contract Management Committee met on Tuesday, 11 November. I was on the Committee that night and on the Agenda was Capita's performance report on their phone lines. Capita Commercial Director, Anna Earnshaw, who announced that she reads my blog, said she regretted my experiences, but that they must be very rare. She spoke of Capita's achievements:  92% of their targets met, 23 out of the 25 performance targets achieved (Capita's own figures), and that only two indicators had missed the target: one being a decrease of calls answered by the contact centre within 20 seconds from 78.48% to 78.1% increasing the gap from the 80% target (that's 20% accepted failure by the way).

Chris Naylor, Barnet's Chief Operating Officer, backed her up: "I'm confident that we've got the right arrangement in place".  This was after I had given him several examples of my own bad experiences and those of others. He came up with the same old excuses: inherited problems, teething troubles.  He seemed to have overlooked that Capita's inheritance included an extra 25% of lines they have since discarded to cut their costs.

When my future trip to Coventry was mentioned, the Chair of the Committee, Tory Cllr Anthony Finn, perked up and in the voice of an indulgent grandfather offering a treat proposed that a mini-bus should be hired for a trip to Coventry for everyone to have a lovely day out. But then he confessed, though in the voice of one who wasn't that worried about it and felt reassured that it would all come right in the end, that he, too, had had problems phoning the Council, and had found that even when operators answered in good time, he often didn't get put through to the person he wanted as there was a lack of knowledge of the identity of staff and what services were offered by different departments. Thank goodness.  At last Capita might stop treating me as if I had been the unlucky victim of a rare bad experience and a bit of a complainer.  The old teething problems excuse emerged again together with the assurance that everything was in hand and being dealt with. It was a question of training and there were two dedicated staff who listened to recordings of calls to identify problems. Well whatever they are doing it isn't working.

This meeting was on 11 November.  Back on 13 January, nearly a year ago, at a similar meeting, Tory Cllr Brian Salinger, a man who speaks his mind, complained about the lack of knowledge of the operators at the call centre.  He had asked to be put through to the Leader's office. The operator had no idea what he was talking about.  Cllr Salinger said it was a matter of training.  So what has happened over the past year with training and monitoring?  Absolutely nothing.  The faults are the same, as are the excuses.  Performance is failing but Capita are unable to come up with a cure. They claim to be the experts but serve us like incompetent amateurs, taking pots of our money while deserving only their already well-earned epithet, Crapita.

Naylor then moved into smoke and mirror mode to divert our attention from the 'f'-word: failure. It's not the operators who are at fault, but when they transfer calls to the relevant people (does this really ever happen?) those people might have stepped out of their office and may not have switched on their answering machines so their phone would be bound to ring unanswered. This, he claimed, must be rectified.  No, I said, that has nothing to do with it. The telephone operators have no idea who anyone is or which department does what. This is the problem, always has been, and undoubtedly if they haven't been able to sort it out for a year, always will be. 

As the redoubtable Mr Reasonable asked in a recent tweet: "Why are Barnet Conservatives happy to tolerate such dismal performance?" And why indeed are they?  But then it always comes back to the question of why they tied us into the Capita contract for ten years in the first place knowing of Capita's disastrous record and that there were no guarantees of saving money.  It hasn't taken long to reveal itself as the disaster it is, but not to worry, only 9 years to go if the option isn't taken up to extend for a further five.  Will Capita be in existence that long? Will the London Borough of Barnet survive after Capita has had its way with it?

Monday, 10 November 2014

Capita 999: Capita is fiddling while Barnet burns: We can't get through

Another blog from La Bloggeuse 
and read by Anna Earnshaw, Commercial Director, Capita

 All is changed, changed utterly, A terrible Barnet is born

Capita 999: Capita is fiddling while Barnet burns  

 We can't get through.....

To phone the main switchboard of Barnet Council you dial 020 8359 2000.  The calls are answered in a Capita call centre in Coventry. A few days after I made the call which is the subject of my last two blogs and now in the middle of an overblown, box-ticking investigation, I had reason to phone the Council again.  I needed to get through to the IT support for Councillors extension which was on the contacts of my Capita phone that wasn't working.  A bit like when your Broadband goes down and you are told on the phone that you can fix things by going to their website, when your problem is that you can't access the internet.  I couldn't conjure up the extension number in my mind though it had been necessary to ring it many times to report one IT problem after another.  But you get to the point when the constant problems and breakdowns just wear you down, you can no longer be bothered to spend endless time on reporting, waiting in for someone to come and fix things only for things to break down again.  But it got to the stage when it was impossible for me to do any work that involved the Capita Council IT system.  So I dialed the main switchboard to get through to the extension and once again met with a service that is not fit for purpose, that is failing the people of Barnet.

The call was answered speedily enough and politely.  I asked to be put through to the extension for IT support for Councillors.  I gave the names of the two people in the team. The operator said that I needed Information Technology and before I could say another word turned on the music and I waited.  I'm afraid after my past experiences I couldn't resist counting how many rings it would take to get through.  I wrote down a number for each ring.  This is what Capita has driven me to.  The phone rang 44 times and then...... the line went dead.

2nd call.  The operator picked up after 7 rings and was called Sian or Shaun (by this time I wanted names). I made my request. He said "OK".  The line went dead.

3rd call.  Answered after 9 rings.  The operator, called Tasha, told me: "We haven't got an IT team specifically for Councillors but I'll give you the direct line to the IT general line but we're having problems with our lines at the moment so try in about half an hour and you might get through."  She gave me the number 0208 359 3333.  That number was unfamiliar.  I knew it wasn't the number I usually rang but it might lead to a result so I'd try it. 

4th call.  I rang straight away to see what would happen and received the message: "You have dialed incorrectly, please try again", ie the Capita enigma code for lines being overloaded or in this case "having problems", and Capita was putting the blame on me!  Revelation.  If they said all lines were busy it would be their fault.  

5th call.  I rang again a few minutes later.  This was a challenge and I needed IT support for goodness sake. I got through to the recorded message of the "service desk" with options to log a call, check on the status of an existing call, etc.  I chose the first just to get through.  I succeeded.  "Good morning, Barnet Service Desk". The phone went dead!!!!

6th call.  Worn down, desperate, angry, but not giving up, having wasted so much of my precious time and unable to do my work on behalf of West Hendon residents because of my IT problems, I waited for half an hour, busying myself to pass the time, and rang the service desk again, a broken woman.  The first option was answered by Peter.  He knew what both he and I were talking about!!  There was, indeed, an IT support line for Councillors.  I knew I hadn't made it up.  I'd had to ring them often enough!  And as soon as he spoke the number I recognized it and rejoiced.

But this experience of Capita's  handling of our calls revealed that nothing has been resolved since they first took over the running of the service and they are failing us every day.  Their excuses are pathetic.  Failures are always blamed on a "temporary problem", but the problems began from the very first day, all recorded on Twitter by those who didn't then realise that the message: "This number is unrecognized" like " you have dialed incorrectly" means that lines are overloaded and phones are not being answered.  And nothing has changed.  

In his informed, excellent-as-ever blog today that gives the clinical truth via no-nonsense statistics, Mr Reasonable is right to highlight the lack of concern of Tory Councillor for Hendon Ward, Anthony Finn, who is Chairman of the Performance and Contract Management Committee that has the task of monitoring Capita's performance. 

Cllr Finn did not want to put Capita's failures regarding phone lines and IT on the Agenda of the first Performance and Contract Management Committee meeting of this administration when everything was already going horribly wrong claiming that it was not urgent.  Finn had to be strongly persuaded by the Labour lead on the committee, Cllr Geof Cook before he reluctantly agreed. Capita presented a report of feeble excuses and Councillor Finn summed up with a big smile of satisfaction saying that he was confident having been reassured by Capita that everything would be "hunky dory" in two weeks' time.  That's what we're up against.  

So I phoned the wonderfully correct number supplied by Peter, was automatically diverted to a mobile, left a message for someone to get in touch and wasn't called back that day! I learned the next day from a colleague that there was someone temporary helping out and I managed to get the mobile number of one of the two excellent permanent staff, who are thankfully left in place following the Capita takeover and got everything sorted out within a day.  I have that number now in my personal phone and in several other places, and thank goodness have one less reason to ring a Capita line. 

If we were receiving a service like this as individuals, we'd change our suppliers.  The Tories have irresponsibly, without caution, tied us and our money into a 10-year contract.

Out of interest there is a generic message that appears on Barnet (now Capita) officers' emails:

"Capita's Local Government business is part of Capita plc, the UK's leading professional and support services organisation.  We provide local authorities with specialist support covering revenues and benefits administration, customer services, financial services, training, IT and administration support. To find out more about our business and the full range of services we offer, visit our website....   "

Tempting? My advice and that of others who are now desperately trying and some succeeding to extricate themselves from their Capita contracts is no-oooooooo, don't go there.  I will of course be including this example in my litany of complaints when I meet the Capita man in Coventry.  He did, after all, tell me on his mobile that my input would be "gold dust".  But as they are always claiming to be the experts, I shouldn't have to tell them how to run a call centre.  They certainly don't need any tips on how to take as much of our money as possible. Capita is fiddling while Barnet burns.

Coming soon to your nearest blog spot: The dangers of  Capita's failures on residents' lives.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Capita 999: The extraordinary tale of a Barnet switchboard operator Part 2: What Capita Did Next

Capita 999: The extraordinary tale of a Barnet switchboard operator Part2:   

What Capita did next....

There is something Capita can do fantastically well.  They can do everything wrong and charge through the nose for it.
Good one.  And it's our money!  

I'm getting back to you to report what Capita did next following my call with the cackling London Borough of Barnet phone operator, the call when I wanted to speak to Andrew Nathan, Head of Governance.  As a reminder, or if you missed it, here is my earlier blog with the details of THAT call:

Since then a complaint has been made on my behalf by the now "acting up" Head of Governance and the result is that Capita is sending me to Coventry, both me and Councillor Alan Schneiderman, another Capita sufferer among many. 

My complaint has taken on marathon proportions; a box-ticking, over-egged, placating exercise. Dare I suggest that this is because it was registered as a "Member Complaint". Would I have received so much attention if I were not a Councillor, but instead one of the residents who have endless trouble every day contacting Barnet Council by phone? It has involved 7 Capita flunkies, a 'thorough' investigation after listening to a recording of the call and action points to improve the service that put into question the whole system. I have received two direct emails from the Head of Service - Customer Services, and a plethora of internal emails between Capita employees that were certainly not for my eyes but were left on the bottom of the emails to me!  I'm just lucky, I guess.  One from Capita Local Government Head of Employee Engagement (the first person contacted to deal with the complaint) to two others in Local Government Services with a copy to another reads: "Hi both"...."not sure how it came to me" and she continues that she's not sure of the "complaints escalation process".  

Capita Head of Service - Customer Services has also offered to have a chat with me so he can understand what happened - they have the recording for heaven's sake - and then comes the special treat, a trip to Coventry to see how the call centre system works, though I think he works in Southampton judging by his email address. But this turned out to be some time in the future because no sooner was an offer of a chat made and I accepted by email the same day then I received an out of office reply saying he was out of the office for the next 17 days!  I laughed out loud or LOL in social media terminology to aid David Cameron if he is reading this.

But another message arrived from Capita Head of Service - Customer Services with an apology later that afternoon before he dropped off the planet for a while.  He regretted my bad experience, claiming Capita's aim is always to give an excellent level of service, adding "I accept that the call did not reach the high standards we expect".   His answer recalls an episode of Faulty Towers when Basil taunts Sybil in the style of Mastermind: "Sybil Faulty, Torquay, answering questions on the bleedi*g obvious".  The Capita man deduces: "In short, what should have been a standard, quick switchboard transfer took far too long and was handled badly by us".

Interesting, then, that now the Capita man is back he phones me from a mobile and that is how I return his calls; an admission perhaps on his part that I may never have got through to him if I had rung his Council number. Barnet services are spread far and wide.  ABB, Anywhere But Barnet.  Imagine the embarrassment if the operator had no idea who the Head of Service - Customer Service might be.  "There's an acting up Head of Governance or an interim Monitoring Officer, would they do?  I can't know everyone." 

I have decided to take up Capita's offer to meet and chat and go to Coventry so I can raise all my complaints both as a resident and a Councillor, of the unacceptable performance of the Barnet call centre since the day Capita took over until today.  From the start Capita cut the number of lines by 25% which causes the whole service to regularly break down in overload, and we are served by inadequately trained staff who have no idea who anyone is, what they do or the services offered.  And Capita's way of dealing with the failure of services including IT and wages is to constantly claim that problems are temporary glitches or teething problems that have either been resolved or are in hand and about to be resolved.  If an issue can be marked as resolved whether or not this is the case, then the same issue is begun again as a new issue, the box is ticked and Capita are off the hook.  I want to go to Coventry to see Capita operating as Barnet far from Barnet. 

But perhaps we shouldn't blame the switchboard for the sins of their Capita fathers.  Names are dropping off the Barnet telephone list like flies:  cutbacks, jobs going outside the Borough, jobs going to the private sector, broken barnet, tinpot Barnet, a disfunctional, discredited Barnet at risk under the regime of Richard Cornelius and his Tory cohorts. 

This is not just a matter of a badly-handled phone call.  I will be blogging about more Capita experiences in a series: Capita 999: Tales of the Expected because Capita's greed and their dire standard of services are having ruinous effects on the Borough and on residents' lives.  

My blog of 12 December 2012: "Why the Barnet 10 chose Capita" names that small Conservative Cabinet who tied us into the Capita Contract for 10 years against advice, without consultation, without considering an inhouse option and without reading the contract that is skillfully worded to add to our costs rather than to make savings. 

As Yeats in "Easter 1916" almost wrote:

Our part
To murmur name upon Tory name

All is changed, changed utterly
A terrible Barnet is born

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Capita 999: the Monitoring Officer's tale

 Capita 999: the Monitoring Officer's tale

Interesting what has come out of the telephone call that began with the cackle of a Capita telephone operator who didn't know who Andrew Nathan, Head of Governance was. Well she couldn't know everyone, could she?  Would Jonathan Nathan do, just this time?  Um, 'fraid not.   That isn't to say I wasn't curious to know who Jonathan was, but no such name appears on the internal email list. But then people seem to be disappearing fast from Barnet Council's address book these days and it isn't necessarily due to the appalling IT service we get from Capita, but don't get me started on that. You may well find some of them shipped out by Capita to places like Blackburn or Coventry or Northern Ireland or anywhere but Barnet while others are made redundant. Perhaps Jonathan was in post on the 5th but has now stepped down in the current mode of mutual consent.   

The reason for my call was a follow-up to an email I sent on 5 October asking the Monitoring Officer, or rather former Monitoring Officer since yesterday, for some information.  I received an out-of-office reply.  She was out of the office from 12 September, recommended contacts for assistants who could direct urgent matters to the right department during her absence and offered to respond to anything that was not urgent on her return.  There was no return date.  But there is nothing in her message to suggest that she was not in post. On the contrary. Then on 10 October the Barnet CEO announced that the Monitoring Officer had left the job on the previous day 'by mutual consent'.  Maybe it went: "We'd like you to leave tomorrow". "Oh, OK, tomorrow's good for me, that would be lovely." The story broke in the local press and we knew that the inevitable first head had rolled as a consequence of Claer Lloyd-Jones's murderous report. 

The cackle debacle over, I was put through to the Assurance Department and mentioned that I had been trying to get in touch with the Monitoring Officer. I asked if she had returned to work or was she ill. I was given no explanation, only that her return date was unknown.  This was a month after her absence from the office began, and there was no indication that there was an acting Monitoring Officer in her absence.  According to her out-of-office reply she remained Monitoring Officer during the month when she was away.  So was there a month when Barnet was without a Monitoring Officer at work?  On 10 October the CEO announced that in consultation with Richard Cornelius he had appointed an interim Monitoring Officer, and the rest will be history. 

So who is the interim Monitoring Officer? Well I never, he's an in-house experienced lawyer with relevant expertise from Westminster Council who has a team of two more experienced lawyers. In fact, he's a real Monitoring Officer.

"Peter is the City Council’s Head of Legal and Democratic Services, and Monitoring Officer. He qualified as a solicitor in 1982, joined Westminster in 1999, and has over 25 years experience practising as a solicitor in local government. He has overall responsibility for the provision of all legal services to the City Council. 

 As well as heading up the legal team, and advising on governance and local government and administrative law, Peter has retained an interest in a number of specialist professional areas. They include litigation (especially judicial review), procurement, employment, planning and licensing, all areas where Westminster has provided a unique opportunity to hone his skills, in view of its location and importance." (Westminster Council website)
But in short-straw Barnet, according to the report: there is "no-one who understands local government law in depth... Barnet employs no lawyers.There are staff in key roles in the Governance structure in Barnet who are inexperienced in governance matters........

Barnet must make some changes in its governance and legal arrangements to ensure that it has access to pro-active professional and expert advice at all relevant times in future."

But this doesn't seem to worry the delusional Tories, who run the Council. According to on-the-case local reporter, Anna Slater, "Council leaders have stated that Barnet is one of the most "efficient and effective councils in the country" after Labour councillors called for a vote of no confidence against its Tory leader."  She continues: "Despite the damning report - which also criticised the way "inexperienced" staff members have been placed in key roles - deputy leader of the council Cllr Dan Thomas insisted the system is "running well". They must be so proud of their Capita officers and their contract with HB Law, the private law firm they share with Harrow, who are jointly and unequivocally condemned in the report as guilty of damaging our Council. Labour has called for an extraordinary Council meeting. The damage is yet to be assessed.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Capita 999: The extraordinary tale of a Barnet switchboard operator

Capita 999:  The extraordinary tale of a Barnet switchboard operator 

Today I rang the Barnet Council switchboard and I got through first time.  Well done you up there in Blackburn.  So how could a thing that seemed so right go wrong? 

My call was answered by what I can only describe as a long cackle of female laughter followed by the hasty ending of what must have been an hilarious office conversation.  

"May I speak to Andrew Nathan please. "


"Andrew Nathan."

"Just a minute. I'm looking at my list. I can't see him."

"He's Head of Governance". 

"There's a Jonathan Nathan".

"No, Andrew Nathan.  Don't you know who Andrew Nathan is?"

"I can't know everyone.  Um, there's someone in Assurance."

"I can't believe you don't know one of your most senior officers. Yes, please put me through to Assurance".

"And what's your name?"

"Councillor Kay"

"Is that with a 'y'"

"Yes, I think Kay is always with a 'y'".

"I mean an 'e'".

"No, no 'e'.  Could I have your name please".

Sudden switch to music.  Got through to one of the many Andrews at Barnet who was very helpful, but had first to listen to my rant about the switchboard experience and offered to report it to customer services.

With the usual consistent standard of lamentable service it is easy to understand why Capita is losing more and more unfinished contracts but it is impossible to forgive those ten Tories who, without consultation as verified by the Courts, signed the people of Barnet up to Capita for ten years without even reading the contract.

 Lest we forget.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Land-Lord Rayner of Barnet: Here's one I prepared earlier

Found innocent of all breaches of conduct on 3 September by the Leaders' Panel made up of 3 Tories and 2 Labour, by his own description at times Barnet Tory Mayor and Councillor and at others landlord, Hugh Rayner reaches into his inside pocket. A handkerchief to wipe away the sweat of the ordeal from his brow? A mobile phone to spread the wonderful news? Neither. It's a thank you speech for letting him off scot free written in advance. How could he possibly have guessed the result? He must be psychic.