Friday, 9 January 2015


Crash! Arriva! Arriva!

Today my bright blue once shiny little car was carried off to AE (Automobile Emergency) after an 8-day wait for an appointment. Car reflecting life. Hopefully the delay will not prove fatal. I wish it a speedy recovery after an Arriva bus "didn't see" me and veered into my lane leaving my car with its bowels hanging out for everyone to see. The bus driver tried to pretend it had never happened but I embarrassed him into stopping and facing the music by following the bus, exposed bowels and all, pressing my hooter and not letting go. I'm fine by the way.

And now I have courtesy wheels to get me around which I hope will keep me safe at night. For the past few nights I have not felt safe walking everywhere in 50% dimmed streetlighting along dangerous, neglected pavements in desperate need of repair that I have long and loudly protested about on behalf of angry residents, and knowing there is a 31% rise in violent crime in the Borough over the past year (2nd highest in London).  The Council may tell us that with lights at half power you can't tell the difference but we're not daft. Just hope the car withstands the deep ruts in the roads with the exception of course of that royally-named recipient of a huge part of the highways budget, Princess Park Avenue. Yes, you've guessed. I live in the Tory-Capita Borough of Barnet: Barnet in the dark, Barnet on the cheap.

I'm off to strike up a fun, short-term relationship with the temporary car. In the words of Irving Berlin, "No strings and no connections, no ties for my affections, I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy." 

And if any Arriva bus drivers are reading this, please stay in your own lane and do look out of your window. Arriva! Arriva! 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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