Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It's not right, Shaun!

It's not right, Shaun!

What sort of country do we live in where even the Home Secretary can't get rid of a Police and Crime Commissioner who knew about but ignored the horrific child sex exploitation that went on when he was Head of Children's Services and sat on the Authority of South Yorkshire Police and ran his campaign "with a focus on local neighbourhood police"?

Shaun Wright has also held the offices of councillor, magistrate, school governor and more. He was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner on a 14.5% turnout (so over 85% did not vote at all). Why would anyone want to vote anyone into office in these strange times that just get stranger? 

My heart goes out to those tragic young people treated without humanity, without anyone caring or protecting them. And it is so dark to see Wright on TV without remorse, clinging on to his job, claiming that he can be trusted.

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