Wednesday, 31 October 2012

One Barnet: It's far from over


One Barnet: It's far from over

La Bloggeuse 30/11/2012

Barnet Council has been surfing high on a tide of hubris. It all seems so easy. Do whatever we like because we can.  But are cracks beginning to show?

They are riding roughshod over the tax payers they have been elected to represent, ignoring their protests, treating them with contempt. But rushing headlong and headstrong into a badly and hastily-negotiated £1billion, ten-year privatization contract with an option to extend will inevitably catch up with them. Life is a long game and their actions will be subject to future scrutiny.  What would a thorough examination of transparency, procurement procedure, conflict of interest, use of public money, etc  ultimately reveal?  

Today's Barnet Council may live to regret their actions. And who knows? They could even find themselves personally and collectively liable in the style of the Shirley Porter "Homes for Votes" scandal at Westminster Council in 2001. Yet as 6th December 2012 - OB Day - draws ever nearer, cracks are beginning to show. Can the people of Barnett win their fight for a fair and favorable future? It's far from over.
La Bloggeuse 30/10/2012

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